Pinterest Ideas Worth Pinning

Hello and welcome to The purpose of this website is to be a leading source for pinterest ideas & crafts that are worth pinning. Certainly, we can use other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for sharing these cool ideas, but as I am a big fan of pinterest, I choose Pinterest in the first place.

Are Pinterest Ideas different than others?

Of course no, an idea is an idea. However, yes, a little bit different as we must be able to pin them on Pinterest. So, visualization is important.

The site was launched as a leasure time activity and will continue as it is. I love searching for new ideas and share them here as my first goal is to spread these ideas via sharing. I am  aware of the fact that there are zillions of ideas out there but I try my best to find the most decent ones.

Pinterest Help

If you are new to Pinterest and want to understand clearly what Pinterest is, then you may want to visit their help section. There you can find answers to questions like the ones below and much more:

  • What is Pinterest?
  • What is a pin?
  • How do I install the “Pin It” button?
  • What is a board?
  • What is following?
  • How can I sign up for Pinterest?

If you want to learn Pinterest from another point of view, then you can read my articles about Pinterest Marketing.

Pinterest Blog Posts

You aren’t here to struggle and suffer. You are here to find the pinteresting thing you are looking for. So, I arranged my posts in several categories which includes pinterest humor, pinterest quotes, pinterest ideas, pinterest crafts & DIY, pinterest for men, pinterest for women, memes, infographics and so on. I hope you will easily find cool images, videos and information close to your interests.

Pinterest Blog Theme

There are a lot of Pinterest Clones on the net nowadays. Some of them are good in quality, some of them just suck. However, according to me, if I am trying to run a blog about Pinterest, It don’t need a Pinterest theme necessarily, as it is just a blog. That’s why the theme of this blog does not represent the theme of Pinterest.


  • A great place to find the best ideas worth pinning
  • A great place to share
  • A great place to help
  • A great place to learn
  • A great place to have fun!

ideas worth pinning

What will this site do for you?

If you are using Pinterest and seeking for ideas for birthdays, kids, summer, weddings, graduation etc., then you will want to bookmark this website and return often. Because Pinterest Blog will give you cool ideas about what you are looking for and show them in a more visual way.  The site will also have infographics and meme sections in order to get your attention on these very popular terms.

You’re here to find nice ideas and to have fun. Keep in mind that the vast majority of resources here are from other people around the world and I only try to find the best ideas. If you don’t find anything here that helps you, then we hope you will find it next time you visit!

Below are the main sections of this blog:

Pinterest Crafts and DIY is for people who loves to do their crafts themselves.

Pinterest Ideas section is a compilation of the most interesting ideas on Pinterest.

Pinterest Home is for home designers.

Pinterest Quotes section has tons of inspiring quotes to share.

Pinterest Recipes section is for food lovers and has yummy recipes to try.

Pinterest Humor includes the funniest pictures and videos from Pinterest.