1920s Mens Fashion Facts

1920’s Fashion for Men used well-tailored pinstriped matches, tuxedos, silk shirts and scarfs, raccoon fur coats, fedora hats, suspenders, bow ties, black patent leather shoes and spats. The fashion and clothing for men also included brief match jackets, cuffed trousers, waistcoats and wide-leg “Oxford Bags”. Sports and leisure affected clothes like knickerbockers, jumpers and jodhpurs. The famous ‘Zoot Suit’ was also a strong fashion declaration for guys throughout the Harlem Renaissance. Throughout the 1920’s guys deserted official day clothes and started to put on sports clothes for the first time.

1920s Mens Fashion Accessories

20’s Male Fashion Icons

The 1920’s Fashion icons included male Hollywood motion picture stars such as Douglas Fairbanks, Rudolph Valentino, John Gilbert, Ramon Novarro, Gary Cooper, George Raft and Cary Grant. Politicians, magnates, sports and celebs stars were likewise admired such as Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Johnny Weissmuller, Knute Rockne and ‘Red’ Grange. The promotion provided to Prohibition gangsters like Al Capone likewise made them 1920’s fashion icons for men.

Facts about 1920s Attire For Men

Trends: The informal trends and styles in men’s fashion, such as sportswear and sweaters, were influenced by art movements in the 1918, 1919, and 1920’s with strong colors and geometric shapes that conveyed the “modern” look. The clothes worn in Hollywood movies, the rise in Consumerism and mass advertising during the prosperous period of the Roaring Twenties saw a fashion boom in America.

Hairstyles: Men’s hairstyles in the 1920’s featured short, shiny, slicked back hair that was parted on the side or down the middle. Pomade, a greasy or waxy substance, was used to style hair making it look slick and shiny. For more visit http://www.american-historama.org

The modern, seasonal fashion cycle was established in the 1920s and continues to dominate the fashion industry today. Here is a guide from vintagedancer.com

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