23 Ways to Use Pinterest for Men

Pinterest is known to be used by mostly females. It is reported as housewife’s image bookmarking service. They organize and share all their fun home decorating and cooking ideas on Pinterest. So, the idea of “Pinterest for Men” sounds weird at first. At Gawker, Adrian Chen wrote an article about how terrible this idea is.

Recently, the men population at Pinterest is rising gradually. People are coming up with more manteresting ideas. I think, if we try hard, we can find ways to use Pinterest for men, as Katie Notopoulos on BuzzFeed did. She found 39 ways actually but I will write 23 of them I like the most.

pinterest for men


Ways Men Use Pinterest (Board Ideas)

  1. Things my wife should cook
  2. Wife needs to cook me
  3. Food my wife should make
  4. Stuff my wife can cook me
  5. Food my wife should cook
  6. Recipes my wife better make
  7. For the wife to cook
  8. What I’d like my wife to cook
  9. What my wife needs to cook for me
  10. Food my wife should cook me soon
  11. Things I want my wife to cook
  12. Shoes I wish my wife would wear
  13. WIFE! Make this!
  14. Food my girlfriend should make me
  15. Things 4 my wife to cook
  16. Food I want my future ex-wife to cook for me
  17. For my wife to wear
  18. Things I hope my wife will cook for me
  19. Desserts my wife should make
  20. Stuff my wife should make
  21. Things my wife should wear
  22. Things I’d like my wife to wear
  23. Things my wife makes me wear

Like the list? Any other ideas?

Despite the inroads made by some men, Pinterest is still primarily used by women. According to recent estimates over 80% of users are female. So finding stuff that appeals to the guys can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Finally, here is a Pinterest roadmap to help men navigate this primarily female domain. Enjoy!

A man’s guide to Pinterest

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