Art and Craft for Kids

Crafts for kids that focus on the process of creating art are somewhat hard to come up with. They must be fun and easy. But thanks to internet, you can discover a lot of creative ideas about art and craft for kids, including homemade gifts, holiday ornaments, home decorations, and more. Moreover, most of the arts and crafts projects can be made from materials you have in your craft cupboard or can be purchased everywhere cheaply.

art and craft for kids


Art and Craft for Kids to do at Home

1. Colored flowers: I always wondered how some florists had bright blue roses or other colors that I knew weren’t made in nature. It’s actually pretty simple! You just put some food coloring in the water, and dip the stems in. The more food coloring, the darker the color! Even cooler? Using white roses and making the petals all different colors!

2. Make a mixed media collage. Using anything you have in the cupboards! Hand some glue over to your toddler and let them go nuts! Or do the above mentioned mixed media collage with the previously mentioned contact paper on the window! Lovely recycled art idea from The Imagination Tree.

3. Custom bubble bath:  I know how hard it can be to get a kid to wash their hands, let alone shower or bathe, so why not help them make their own bubble bath to make the experience more fun? You can pick any smell your kid likes — let him or her pick the scent/essential oil — and help with the fun craft before the bath. You can also make home made bath salts and mix with a scent-free bubble bath.

4. Simply decorate bowls with sharpie markers. Just protect other surfaces from the markers!

5.  Shoebox dioramas: Everyone always makes shoebox dioramas for school projects, but what about just for fun? Whether you help your kid make a beachy paradise for Barbie and Ken to go on vacation, or a deep-space odyssey for the Transformers to travel back to, a diorama is a great way to get your child’s imagination roaring.

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Art and Craft Ideas –  Jamie Reimer’s List

  1. Water is my go to with the boys. And painting with water has been a huge hit for my toddler.
  2. Using some cookie cutters and other gadgets, see what marks they make in your carpet!
  3. Display a rainbow under salt in a tray for some pre-writing sensory play![Learning 4 Kids]
  4. Similar to the contact paper art, only make it larger with no end purpose. An entire sticky table for creative play from Share and Remember.
  5. Take time to explore different art materials just as they are, such as having some glue play from World Play House.
  6. And what better way to entertain a toddler than to give them a completely piece of art and let them destroy it. Creative with Kids has wonderful ideas for creative destruction just for toddlers.

Inspire creative and educational playtime with these art and craft ideas for kids. You can choose from inexpensive art supplies like stickers, stamps, or dive into crafty projects for young artists. If it is a rainy day, everything here can help you make it fun for you and your kids.

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