Art therapy for wellness

How about a trip to a universe for your emotional wellness with art therapy where no one else can come with you? Art will accompany you on this journey to your inner world. You will feel better than ever!

Art therapy is basically based on the use of various art forms during the therapy. Here art is only a tool during the therapy. As known, art and psychotherapy are already structurally similar and both have expressions of experience.

According to recent findings, this therapy has been very successful in severe mental disorders. The function of art in therapy is to allow people to express themselves more clearly, faster and without pain. It is not really rehabilitation or occupational therapy. The therapist\’s philosophical approach, his scientific and professional aspects are very important

In passive therapy, you don\’t create an art object; Unknown aspects of the inner world also emerge during this interpretation.

Art therapy is also useful for children with special learning difficulties and behavioral disorders. It sets the proper environment for listening to relaxing music, painting, and psychotherapy. Working with music before and after surgery makes it easier for the patient and the doctor to discover the process.

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