Best Ways You Can Profit From Pinterest

Pinterest is the latest and probably most effective gateway to marketing your company, especially if it is visually rich. It is continuously climbing up the rankings with more than 10 million users since its launch in 2010. With this fast rise in popularity, and its feature of allowing pinning of pictures that links to your company’s website, why not can a social media like this profit you?

profit from pinterest

There are actually lots of ways to maximize Pinterest for profiting  both personally and business wise. Here are the first 5 ways on how you can do that:

  • Create a board pin that features your products. Put in a keyword-dense description and catchy phrases. You can even opt to offer your other pins as freebies. This can attract pinners and your followers to constantly visit your board. This type of board is great especially for affiliate marketing.
  • Create a board that showcases yourself and what you are good at. This is an authority board, a great way to drive traffic to your website that features your specializations. There are many website owners’ reporting  that most of their traffics come from Pinterest. Better maximize it  for driving traffic back to  your own websites and blogs.
  • Create a board pin to collaborate with other pinners. Collaborating and networking are vital if you want to stay long in this industry. You have to build relationships based on trust and camaraderie. Show appreciation to your followers by welcoming them, sharing great pins with them, liking and repining their pins, and acknowledging their efforts. You can never know how the relationship can expand your reach to the World Wide Web.
  • Linking your Pinterest to other social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is one best tool to get more followers. The more followers you have, the most likely you get more traffic to your  websites and blogs. Your followers can also become your customers and clients. The possibilities are endless. You can also put your Pinterest button to your websites so that your visitors can easily opt to follow your Pinterest account, too.
  • Creating enjoyable boards can stimulate your creative mind and thus makes you more productive in the long run. Remember, when other pinners see you as fun, they would tend to follow you than when all you do is just pin items that tries to sell to them. Part of any business is creating an atmosphere of comfort between you and your clients. One best way to do that is to show them that you are somebody they can trust and is fun to follow. Mixing business with pleasure can do lots of wonders, not only for your company’s benefits, but to your own advantages, too. If you like and enjoy what you are doing and your interaction with your network is light and fun, it adds to your wellness and healthy stature.


There are still many ways to make your Pinterest a profitable avenue for you. Look around Pinterest and see what’s hot and you might get more ideas for your board. And always remember, the profit is in your Pinterest relationships. Happy pinning!

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