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Canvas artwork is one of the master pieces that decorates our home. We neither need to make it fit our couch nor need to have it centered on our wall. We shouldn’t be afraid to make canvas art for each of our walls at home. It usually gives you more ideas in terms of diy projects and integrates your art into every level of your home.

DIY canvas art


How to make canvas art yourself?

For every project or canvas art idea you have, certainly, there is going to be a different list of materials. However, for an average project, you are going to need a canvas, paint, tape, and paint brushes. That’s it. Then follow these simple steps.

1. Place the pieces of tape where ever you want.

2. Choose your paint

3. Start painting as you want.

4. Remove the tape to reveal the design.

Now let’s see it in action:

DIY Canvas Art Ideas

There are lots of easy diy wall art ideas for you. Each of art ideas usually starts with a plain stretched canvas, available at crafts stores. You can read this post for examples of canvas project and tips for completing your own.

DIY Canvas Art Quotes

I don’t know why but inspirational quotes are very popular on canvas artworks. Not everyone is blessed with fabulous handwriting and a steady hand. But there are solutions! After making dozens of quote canvas paintings, Michell tweaked different methods for transferring writing onto canvas. Here’s her top 3 methods (stickers, stencils, and carbon paper) for writing on canvas and making a beautiful, personalized piece of art!:

Here is a custom quote on a canvas:

DIY Canvas Art with Photos

Here I’m sharing with you a tutorial on how to mount a photo to canvas. This is just about the easiest project in the world, it takes around 10 minutes from start until you leave it to dry and each photo costs less than $5.00 to make. Watch the video:

Also you can read this useful post, as well:

DIY Canvas Art for Kids Rooms

This is also a very popular category on Pinterest. You’ve already dropped serious cash on the crib, the changing table and the glider for your babe’s nursery. (And next up: The big-girl bed, the dresser and the kid-sized craft table). Luckily, there’s no need to add wall art to the list of break-the-bank kiddie-decor items, too, thanks to these yes-you-can-actually-do-that DIY projects. See people’s favorites on

Also check out this board:

DIY Canvas Art-Pinterest

As you see canvas art is a very popular subject online and here is a couple of other related boards you can follow on Pinterest, if you are interested in canvas wall artwork.

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