Duct Tape Ideas

Duct tape crafts have a lot of fans nowadays and they are getting more and more popular. With the assortment of colors, and designs on Pinterest, you can find a few suitable projects for yourself. In this article we are going to discuss the common duct tape ideas out there. Most of them are very easy to make and you’ll have a great feeling of satisfaction when you finish your DIY craft.


If you have cool duct tape ideas to sell, you can make a decent amount of money today. There are a lot of duct tape videos that can inspire you on Youtube or other video sites. A duct tape wallet is a great example of duct tape ideas for father’s day but the list below includes a lot more than that. There will be duct tape ideas videos for each category.

Duct Tape Ideas for Kids

Duct Tape Ideas for Men

Duct Tape Ideas for Women

Duct Tape Ideas for School

Duct Tape Ideas for Clothes

Duct Tape Ideas and Instructions

This is a draft post for now and an in-depth review will be coming soon… Check out these pages for other cool ideas:



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