Fall Webworm Invasion

If you’re in a temperate zone of the world and live near trees, chances are you’ve come face to face with a fall webworm (also known as gypsy moths) colony before. These buggers take up residence in trees where their food stuffs are abundant. The colony then spins a cocoon of silk around itself to fend off predators.

Normally, these colonies are limited to just a single section of a tree or two. Every so often, though, they expand…and things get out of control.

See the white coloration? That’s the webworm colony. (The tree isn’t suppose to look like that.)

Oh, man.


As the colony expands, it attaches itself onto any objects that happen to be resting on or near the tree.

Good luck ever riding that bike again.

Getting up close with some of the webworms.

See those thin strands coming off the trees?

Yep, they’re made of webworms lowering themselves to the ground in search of more food for the colony.

(source: Reddit)

Clearly, this town’s exterminator had a very good couple of months.

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