Home Furnishing for Girls

You’ve probably been searching around the web for quite some time now, trying to learn as much as you can about home furnishing for girls. It is all about decoration and care.

Bright, clean, tasteful and well regulated homes will add more to the sum of human happiness than anything else in life. A happy home does not always mean a costly one. The simple, tidy home of the day laborer may have the home-atmosphere that the mansion may lack. A home can be tastefully, even if cheaply, furnished.

A thoughtful teacher can impart to her class a love of home and a respect and honor for the labor that keeps that home clean, attractive and wholesome, and instill womanly traits that may add greatly to the happiness of the individuals and the betterment of all with whom they come in contact. A familiarity with the conditions of an ideal home and the aroused interest of the girls who will be the home-makers in a few years will have an influence and value that is limitless. The parents, also, may receive suggestions through their children that will react on the present home conditions.

home furnishing for girls

Every teacher will invent her own method of reaching her particular class, depending upon their needs and environment, using all necessary tact. An outline is given below which will suggest a few topics and one method of conducting the lessons. There are many kindred subjects, such as good ventilation, plenty of sunlight, good house-keeping, etc., that can be brought into the discussions, but the enthusiasm which is aroused is really the vital point of the lesson.

An Imaginary Home

If you are a teacher, you can try this activity. When furnishing a home take into consideration sanitary conditions, use, convenience, economy and artistic effects.

1. Make clippings of house plans from papers, magazines, etc. Study and compare them.

2. Decide upon a plan for a simple house, and draw the floor plans upon a board where it can remain for a time.

3. Several points must be considered in conjunction, that there may may be harmony throughout the house as the rooms open into each other.

a. The color scheme and design for each room. Some samples of cloth or paper to show the exact colors and combinations of colors decided upon.
b. Decoration of the walls.
c. The floor finish or covering.
d. Color of shades and curtains that the outside may present a favorable appearance.

4. Divide the class into sections and assign a room to each section to suggest detail in style of furnishing and decorating.

a. Living Room.
b. Dining Room.
c. Kitchen.
d. Pantry.
e. Hall.
f. Sleeping Rooms.
g. Bath.
h. Laundry.

5. Avoid over-crowding the rooms with furniture and cluttering with too many pictures and useless and inartistic bric-a-brac, and dust-collectors.

6. The Care of the Home: This topic will enable the teacher to give many helpful suggestions. Assign sub-divisions of the subject to different members of the class:

a. Sweeping.
b. Dusting.
c. Care of bare floors.
d. Window washing.
e. Dish washing.
f. Care of cupboards.
g. Care of book-shelves, daily papers, magazines, etc.
h. Care of sleeping rooms, beds, etc.
i. Care of bath rooms.

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