How to build a brand on Pinterest

You have a new Pinterest account ready to go now. What’s next? The next step is to create your brand and generate exposure to your content on the site. How do we do that? To build a brand on Pinterest, you can simply create a bulletin board and name it something like “product list 1”.

You may want also to name it to match the keywords that you have entered into the photo descriptions. What do you mean photo descriptions? Let’s first take a moment to discuss PD’s. A photo description is a micro form of advertisement and it should reflect what the product is about with the price tag. If you add a price tag with the “$”, Pinterest will drag your image into the gift section for potential buyers.

How to build a brand on Pinterest

For example, if you’re selling Xbox 360 games, a PD could look like this “Resident Evil 5, Xbox360, New $20” and a few more descriptive wording. Your bulletin board could be called “Xbox 360 games” and it could be the tag word within the photos. You may want to link the photo back to your website product page for the consumer to buy. Make the descriptions short, sweet and catchy for your viewers.

Interaction is life

After Pinterest grabs your photos for the gift sections, it is time to move onto the second phase. The second phase is intended to be social, build up your network, like you have done on Twitter or Facebook. Find similar interests or your own personal interests and follow them. Comment on their image and re-pin a few of theirs. Yep, that’s right! Go out and search for the movers and shakers, see what is popular and interact with them.

Most Pinners forget to interact with their followers or network that they happen to build up. If you neglect this type of mediation, then what is the point of being on Pinterest? Don’t forget the new followers; welcome them to the “team”. This is a way of showing appreciation to your supporters and it has benefits. Not once did this interaction add a few new followers.

Do not forget to have your blogs and products “pinnable” on your website, too. Your fans from Pinterest are likely to visit your products, especially if the images are likeable. Do a blog post about your latest offerings with a mention of the images being showcased on Pinterest and have them actually available on your profile. I have done this and even linked my Pinterest account to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. This step boosts traffic from your followers at these two social media giants to your Pinterest account and vice versa.

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