How to promote your brand on Pinterest

Pinterest may be the new battleground for product based companies. If you have visual rich products, Pinterest may be the perfect gateway to increase your traffic, generate leads, and convert sales for your company.  Do you remember the first days of Facebook? How about Twitter? Then, you may remember the frustrations of creating a “brand” or “image” on these social sites. Pinterest is a new battlefield that offers very little self-promotion due to its high visibility content. Your marketing methods will have to adapt to different rules.

promote your brand on Pinterest

Direct Method of Promotion

Pinterest does offer some leniency to self-promotion but not much.  There is a direct method to help build your brand. The “gifts” section allows you to place a price tag next to the picture of your product. The prices are usually in American dollars. Create a product board for your account, upload the photos but make sure to include the price tag into the description area. After doing this, your products will be pulled into the “gifts” area.

You can also have your pin boards’ stream into your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  At the settings in your Pinterest account, you can adjust the options for Facebook or Twitter.

Another viable option for you to incorporate your business to Pinterest is to have a few of your workers as contributors to your boards. They can also pin some of their favorite items on their own accounts.  You may also build up an interactive group board where other users or followers can pin their favorite products of yours to the board.

Indirect promotion methods

The next step to building a brand on Pinterest is the indirect method that drives your visitors to advertise your products. You should add a follow button to your product page which will help drive new traffic to your boards and pins.

The follow button is a nice alternative to saying “check me out”. It allows your visitors to check out your latest gear or products on your Pinterest page.

Another next clever method is to put a “pin it” button to your individual product images. Your objective is honest, to create new attractions with new and existing customers.

You do not have to use the “pin it” button with every image, you could run a specific campaign for a targeted group of merchandise for a while and route the stock out.  This may help you keep track of traffic during a specific marketing period or validate your inventory’s selling power.

Other techniques are more based on your outward effort to establish a network. You could offer a little information about your interests. If you like cars, pin up a radical car model. If you like movies, pin a video trailer. Interaction plays a key role to building up your company. Your interaction with other users may entail whether your brand will be established or not.

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