Is Pinterest Another Social Networking Site?

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows its members to share photos with others. Its premise resembles the old fashioned pin-boards, where you could pin all sorts of ends and odds to act as reminders or for inspiration. Apparently, Pinterest has embraced this idea and brought it into the 21st C, allowing you to post and share your pictures with others.


This results into a unique, rich visual medley. Quirky, stunning and gorgeous pictures are presented in a clean contemporary format. This article seeks to give an insight as to how Pinterest works; Is Pinterest another social site?

With Facebook and Google+ claiming more than one billion members, the first question that pops up is whether we need another social networking site. Most probably the answer is yes. Pinterest has been rated as one of the fastest growing social sites. Initially, Pinterest was dominated by a younger female market, but it has now expanded to include a large number of growing genealogists.

As its name suggests, it offers its members a simple way to pin pictures collected from the internet on a virtual board in your page. Pinterest’s landing page is collage with many posted images. You may be stunned by the amount of content that has been posted online since the site was launched in March, 2010.

If the idea behind Pinterest sounds less appealing at first, you are likely to stumble upon something that attracts your eye immediately you sign in. Once you are well conversant with the key concepts, you will begin to understand the key possibilities.

Maybe you have some old photos that you would like to share, or you are trying pass your identity out to people, this site is another great way to get your photos out there for the world to see. Pinterest runs a visual bulletin board which is open to anybody who might be interested in your subject matter.

However, there is one outstanding catch. The easy with which you can pin images on your board opens up other issues such pas privacy and copyright violations.

The best thing about this is that Pinterest acknowledges this issue and has provided quick ways of removing images that have copyright issues. These same issues also exist with other social networking software such as reproduction of screen shots in Facebook.

Registering for a Pinterest account is quite easy, though you need an invitation to sign in. Invitations can come from an existing member, or you can request for an invitation from the site’s landing page. After you have created your account, you have an option of adding Facebook friends. Pinterest also allows you to sign in through your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Once you sign in, you are ready to choose some boards. A board serves as a virtual scrapbook with some added features that facilitate sharing of anything that you add into your board. It is therefore another social networking site. You can also add your Pinterest link to your webpage or blog.

When pinning a webpage from the internet, Pinterest gives you an option to choose the image on the page that you would like to pin. You can select all, one or none of the images but you pin the images one after another. Keep in mind that your pins will be live online and be careful with what you pin. Once these images are pinned, they will appear in your boards and remain there until you delete or remove them. With time, these boards are bound to expand.

Genealogists are already predicting the success of Pinterest as a social site. In addition to its clipping services that allow you to preserve ideas from websites and blogs, Pinterest’s program also allows more casual content. Pinterest stands out as an interesting, unique and challenging innovation. It is moving towards becoming an outstanding social networking site.

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