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Jeep Wrangler interior unofficial photo from an anonymous source via
Yesterday I covered the future product offerings from Chrysler today I will concentrate on the Dodge Jeep and Ram divisions.
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In a most fortuitous occurrence was just lately the recipient of spy photographs from an anonymous source which shows the interior of your 2011 Jeep Wrangler. Interestingly adequate Twitter use AsianMartin just lately posted a photo with the new Dodge Durango around the factory floor yet again of suspicious origins. Not that long ago there was a very great shot of your new 2011 Dodge Charger in which its cover had conveniently blown off nicely revealing the front from the car but absolutely nothing else. Methinks the PR people at Chrysler are acquiring some fun with us but that is certainly okay since they are revealing some good enhancements. New craft ideas for 2013
The Dodge Avenger Chrysler Sebring twins have already been discussed however it will need to be noted that as outlined by Automotive News the Avenger will acquire much less exterior sheet metal changes than the Sebring. Which is okay in my book the Avenger was not beaten using the ugly stick practically as difficult as the the Sebring was. Fix the interior the drivetrain and increase its driving dynamics and we are all beneficial okay that sounds like quite considerably a do above but which is precisely what these automobiles want.
The Dodge Caliber has currently received an improved interior just as its sister vehicles the Jeep Compass shudder and Jeep Patriot did. That will in all probability be about it except for some minor tweaks right up until a Fiat based mostly replacement model arrives.
The Dodge Challenger gets several tweaks including the Pentastar V6 and the availability in the ZF eight speed automatic in 2012. Dodge will in all probability take that opportunity to tweak the Challengers sheet metal at bit but it will be really unlikely that theyd mess with it an excessive amount of. Hopefully the interior is going to be enhanced
The Dodge Nitro will probably be finding a freshening in the following year or so. Appear for the Pentastar V6 to display up and interior bits and pieces to be enhanced. Nevertheless is this car really needed Definitely just a Jeep liberty in slightly distinct clothes. This model could go away and I doubt there will be any protests.
The Dodge Journey impressed me as a functional people today mover for folks who missed the brief wheelbase minivan that Chrysler employed to create. I could not stand its lousy interior plastics. Thankfully November should bring improvements in this location furthermore to the Pentastar V6.
The all-new Grand Cherokee based Dodge Durango has already been heavily discussed inside a earlier post..
The 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan will get some exterior tweaks and interior top quality enhancements. The van will need every thing it might get its hands on to do battle with new the all-new 2011 Honda Odyssey 2011 Toyota Sienna and Nissan Quest.
Dodge will also field a Fiat-based Ford Fiesta competitor. Usually do not appear for this automobile to show up anytime quickly probably in 2013 as a 2014 model.
The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is already a veritable critical and client accomplishment. Now Jeep requirements to build on that momentum.
We realize that the 2011 Jeep Wrangler is gaining a fresh interior and just about assuredly the Pentastar V6. The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are pillars on the Jeep brand and except for the aforementioned Wrangler interior neither one among them wants any tweaks.
I such as the Jeep Patriot well sufficient. The Patriot appears the aspect and with its improved interior a major quibble has been removed. The Patriot will likely obtain some tweaks but not a lot else until a Fiat-based Patriot Compass replacement arrives.
Exactly the same fate will befall the unloved by me Jeep Compass. I certainly not understood the goal of this model and it cant go away rapidly sufficient.
The existing Jeep Liberty and its mate the Dodge Nitro have not won several critics over. Not especially good to examine or specifically very good at any one process. Dont look for many extra modifications right up until a Fiat-based replacement arrives in 2013.
There could possibly be an additional compact crossover furthermore towards the PatriotCompass replacement but it does appear a little overkill.
More than with the newly minted Ram division minting this new division can be a determination I query there might be many crucial developments.
The Ram 1500 will get the Pentastar V6 but which model year that happens in has nevertheless to become determined. Additional promising for diesel nuts there might be a Cummins diesel in its long term. GM Ford and Chrysler have all dabbled using the notion of adding a light duty diesel but frustratingly absolutely nothing ever comes of it. Basic Motors features a wonderful new diesel just sitting on its shelves The Ford F-150s light duty diesel was yanked from item plans and Array Rover ended up with it. Chrysler voided its contract with Cummins on a light duty diesel during Chryslers financial meltdown but rumors persist that something could nevertheless take place in this area. Whichever manufacturer goes forward will likely be richly rewarded at the very least in my opinion.
The compact Ford Transit Connect van will probably see some competition kind Ram within the shape of a Fiat Doblo van. Figure on seeing this 1 in 2013.
Due to the fact Mercedes pulled the Sprinter from Dodge the Ram division will need a new supply. Luckily Fiat and its subsidiary Iveco are coming towards the rescue. The complete size Ram van will either be an Iveco Everyday or Fiat Ducato quite possibly arriving in 2012.
The Dakota is going to be going away and might turn out to be smaller when and if a replacement arrives. If this does occur anticipate to determine it for the 2012 model year. I think that a smaller Dakota tends to make sense and if they put a compact Fiat diesel in it then it would likely win more than Mahindra enthusiasts.
Rams heavy duty lineup was just refreshed so there ought to be no developments anytime quickly.
Ultimately we come to the hotly anticipated Fiat 500. The cheeky model will ultimately be sold in several variants here inside the USA- Coupe convertible electric Abarth overall performance model plus a four-door. Fiat would like to sell amongst 50000 and 100000 in North America. That seems somewhat optimistic to me but hey greatest of luck to them.

For much more information- Information from this report comes from Automotive News Autoblog and previous reports by this writer.

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