Obamas sit down to 3000 calorie lunch


We hope President Obama is wearing his elastic-waisted mom jeans! He, his wife, and members of Congress are celebrating his coronation this afternoon with a fancy-pants lunch — a 3,000-calorie lunch.

Prez inaugural lunch: 3027 cal, 145g fat, 71g sat fat, 9752 mg sodium, 312.5g carbs, 186.2g sugar. WOW! bit.ly/U6hWXA

— Stuart Seale, M.D. (@DrSeale) January 21, 2013

Now, call us crazy, but we’re getting some mixed signals here. We could’ve sworn Michelle Obama is all about fitness. Whatever happened to  that “Let’s Move!” stuff?

Wait, what? US Gov always complains about US Citizens eating fat, but they have a 3000 calorie meal for lunch…..

— Evan Harper (@Evan_da_BEST) January 21, 2013

Was totally LOVEing #inaug2013 until the 3000 calorie lunch! @letsmove @michelleobama EVERYWHERE you go…shout health and lead by example!

— Julia Havey (@vicebusting) January 21, 2013

The lunch is allegedly 3000 calories. Is this MO’s way of telling us her “let’s get moving” platform is defunct this term? #inauguraljoke!!!

— julia woods (@jb_woods) January 21, 2013

A 3000 calorie lunch including 182 grams of fat? Doesn’t this contradict Michelle Obama’s concern about America’s obesity?

— Cooper (@chicken_cooper) January 21, 2013

Over 3000 calories if you eat all the food at the inaugural lunch. I thought Michelle Obama was all for healthy eating? #inaug2013

— Rachel Henderson (@RachelH1025) January 21, 2013

If Mrs. Obama is hardcore healthy, then tell me why their lunch at the inauguration was 3000 calories when you’re supposed to consume 2000.

— Hannah Williams (@hannahsbeast) January 21, 2013

I love how Mrs. Obama is against unhealthy food and they are eating a 3000 calorie lunch with a total of 280 grams of sugar.. #hope #change

— Luke Sykes (@Luke_Sykes_) January 21, 2013

A ridiculous waste of funds. 2nd term pres should forego this, give $ to food programs, A 3000 cal lunch?! Great example, NOT. #inaug2013

— Mikki Douglas (@LifeforceNut) January 21, 2013

A 3000 calorie Inaugural lunch? Haven’t these people (#racism) been listening to FLOTUS?!?!?!? #KruiserFeelings #ArugulaMe

— SFK (@stephenkruiser) January 21, 2013

Come on, now. If we’re not allowed to eat fatty foods, somebody’s got to do it, right?

Michelle obama gets over 3000 calories for lunch, but high school students get 1000? hypocrites…

— Drew Tykwinski (@DTYK95) January 21, 2013

So the inaugural lunch is around 3000 calories…thanks mrs Obama, our nations kids get 600 calories at lunch. #practicewhatyoupreach

— Tim Delaney (@coachdelaneysp2) January 21, 2013

Hey, Michelle’s just looking out for the future’s best interests. Pipe down and eat your rice cakes, peasants!

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