Olympics Crafts on Pinterest

Yes… we love crafts and we are interested in olympics crafts on Pinterest. Lets talk about this topic a little more as we are starting to watch Rio Olympics 2016.

olympics crafts on pinterest

Olympic Crafts for Kids

Get your children interested and involved in the Olympics with our growing collection of Olympic crafts – original, easy and fun to do! We’ve also got plenty of ideas for patriotic crafts which you can use to decorate your classroom and homes…

Cardboard Tube Olympic Ring Printing: Put those loo rolls to good use with this fun Olympic ring printing activity for younger kids!

Felt Olympic Flag: Kids can get creative with this felt Olympic flag craft – and the finished flag looks great out on display!

Olympic Medal Craft: This foam medal craft is perfect for younger kids, perhaps for the Olympics or sports day. (credit: activityvillage)

olympic crafts for kids

Olympic Arts and Crafts Ideas

The Olympics is full of symbolisms – which are great for Olympic craft inspiration – you have:

5 Interlocking Rings – Designed in 1912, when the present day Olympics were established – the 5  represents the five parts of the world who support the Olympics. The colours blue, black, red, yellow, green on a white background representing all the colours on the flags of the supporting nations (at that time).

The Torch & Flame Relay – a tradition started in at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 – the torch is lit at the site of the Ancient Olympics – Olympia (Greece) and relayed to the site of the current Olympics of the course of several months. Carried by athletes, politicians and ordinary people.

Medals – as per many sporting events, the are medals for the top 3 winners – gold, silver and bronze.

Kotinos (or wreath) – in the Ancient Olympic games, there were no medals and only one winner. This winner was decorated by a horse shoe shaped wreath made from olive branches made from a sacret tree near the temple of Zeus.

Mascots – Mascots were first introduced in the 1968 Winter Olympics held in France. Popularised by the Misha during the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow. (Credit: Wikipedia)

Olympic Torch Craft

Several months before the opening of the Olympics, the flame is ignited in Olympia, Greece (the birthplace of the Ancient Olympics). Using a special mirror, the flame is kindled by the light of the sun in a ceremony. Runners (and other athletes) carry the flame to various locations. The Olympic Torch Relay ends at the Opening of the Games event.

Everybody loves the tradition of the Olympic Torch! Do you know that you and your children can make your very own torch! Watch the video below:

Olympic Themed Activities for Kids

Here  are some activities you may like, coming to you from Maggy.

Javelin Inspired Shooter Game

Check out this very simple to make “shooter” game inspired by Javelin throwing. Get crafty and then get activity. Live At The Zoo shares their Olympic Activity!

Triathlon Party

Oh My Word! How coool is a triathlon party?? One of my favourite bloggers, se7en, created this fantastic party for her kids. This would be an ideal post for you to visit if you are having an Olympic Street Party. And if you are not, maybe you could have one at home. Ok, so there is swimming in this Triathlon.. but I am sure you can come up with a replacement sports of sorts. Or make it a Duathlon (running and cycling are perfect). Then come back, check out the post for a party craft, the sporty Pinata, the cake and triathlon snacks.

Olympic Hurdle

Get crafty and then get active! A great craft to include if you are having an Olympics Party or Olympics Street Party… and then when you are all done, of course you will need chocolate medals. Check out more from Mummy Mummy Mum!

Olympic Memory

A simple idea to make your own Olympic Memory game. Practice some cutting skills, talk abouta ll the different sports and then get playing. Find more on this Olympic craft here.

Why don’t you try one of these crafts or activities above. If you want, you can tell us about your experiences on Olympic crafts 2016 in the comments!

There are plenty more great ideas out there, so be sure to follow Olympics crafts on pinterest board for even more inspiration.

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