Pinterest Basics and Terminology

In this Pinterest Basics tutorial, I’m going to show you how to start creating your boards, pinning, repining and more. Before you dive right into Pinterest, there are probably a few terms that you need to know, so let’s start with those:

Pinterest Basics

Boards: Think of these as cork or pin boards, much like you may have or have had in
real, but now they’ve gone virtual. You can set up topic-specific boards and add pictures
that are relevant to those boards. For example, you might create a “Places I Want to
Travel Board” or a “St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party” board. How general or specific you
want your boards to be is completely up to you.

Pin: The main idea with Pinterest is to “pin” pictures to your boards. Pin is used both as
a noun (what you put on your board is a “pin”) and a verb (the act of putting a picture on
a board is “pinning”). For example, you might pin a picture of The Great Wall in your
“Places I Want to Travel Board”

Repin: When you see someone else’s pin that you like, you can “repin” it and place the
picture on an appropriate board of your own. It’s a way of showing appreciation for a
great find by another Pinterest member and it also helps you create an even better
board for yourself.

Like: If you see a pin that you like, but it doesn’t necessarily fit into your own boards,
you can click a button to “Like” it. It helps you show appreciation for other people’s pins
and Pinterest also keeps track of all your “Likes”, so you can refer to them later on.

Comment: You can also leave a comment on other people’s pins or respond to
comments on your own pins.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we have the following questions in mind.

  • how to use pinterest
  • how to get more followers on pinterest
  • how to get people to follow you on pinterest
  • pinterest traffic
  • pinterest users
  • pinterest vs facebook
  • top pinterest pages

We will cover them all. Pinterest is easy and enjoyable to use and anybody can become a specialist in simply a couple of hours of usage. The user interface has actually been developed to be intuitive and it quickly becomes second nature, nearly like just breathing.

How to get the most out of Pinterest

Like virtually all websites Pinterest has a homepage. Here you will discover some of the most recent and most popular posts. This allows you to see things that a lot of individuals like, which normally consist of things that are a common interest, such as cooking recipes, new fashions, or some brand-new product that a great deal of individuals want to buy. There will likewise be a search bar at the top. There you can search for current or popular posts on a specific subject or interest that you have. This offers you the advantage of being able to search for something you already have an interest in or something you are searching for out about, unlike the homepage that has no real subject matter.

There are also menus that you can use to contribute to pin boards. This is accompanied by the social media part of the website. You can click people’s names to see their profiles and where they’ve published. You can also like their material, talk about their things, or message with them to talk about your typical interests. Naturally before you can do any of those things you need to get an account. Accounts on Pinterest have to be acquired through invitation, however invites are very easy to get since there is a button on the homepage for people without an account that says “Get an Invitation”. Clicking this button will send you an email with directions on the best ways to get an account.

Once you have an account there are several alternatives offered to you on every post. You can comment, which is naturally where you publish your ideas on a post and share your opinion. You can like, which just tells the world that you enjoyed this post however doesn’t provide anymore specific information about your opinion. Finally you can re-pin. Re-pinning is where you see a post you like, and put that post on your own board with a connect to the initial post. From here you can also include a cost to a post. If a post is an item you can let everyone understand exactly just how much the item shown costs without compelling them to go to the providers’ websites by including the rate.

Another function that is more on the social networking side of this site is the ability to preferred posts and follows individuals. This permits you to never ever lose track of people you wish to either stay in touch with or see more of their posts, and to never lose a post that you wish to keep for viewing again later on or for acquiring something you discover worthwhile.

One vital thing to bear in mind about Pinterest is that it is developed with a type of unlimited scrolling, which means you can get lost for hours and never lost things to discover on the page.

You can click on people’s names to view their profiles and where they’ve published. You can comment, which is of course where you publish your thoughts on a post and share your opinion. You can like, which just informs the world that you enjoyed this post however doesn’t give any more specific info about your opinion. Re-pinning is where you see a post you like, and put that post on your own board with a link to the initial post.

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