Pinterest Board Ideas

Pinterest is a perfect place for those who are seeking for creativity not just because it is an image-focused platform but also a very popular social media tool that most people use. But due to its popularity, there are a lot of visual entries that one tries to consume, which is not possible, and it looks like a garbage if people don’t organize their pins into proper boards. There comes the issue of Pinterest board ideas.

Pinterest board ideas

Pinterest Board Name Ideas

If you don’t care your board names, want to pin free-style, then go for it. Here I listed a bunch of board topics and include a name suggestion next to it. (source: But keep in mind that these ideas doesn’t take into account the SEO side of board names.

Your fashion style – “Passion 4 Fashion”
Shoes – “Heels Over Heads”
Wedding decor and plans – “To Know A Veil” (pun for “to no avail”)
Places to travel / Vacation – “Here, There, and Everywhere”
Hairstyles – “Made the Cut”
Makeup – “Kiss”
DIY projects – “Let’s Get Crafty,” “The Do-It Center”
Chocolate / Sweets – “Sweet Tooth”
Your dream house – “Home Sweet Home”
Tattoos – “Make Your Mark”
Childhood movies and shows – “Nostalgia”
Books – “Page Turners”
Humor / Memes – “Giggle”
Gift ideas – “Gifts Galore”
Music – “Soundtrack to My Life”
Healthy living and exercise – “No Pain, No Gain”
Animals / Pets – “Creature Feature”
Photography – “1000 Words”

Pinterest Board Titles Ideas

But if you want to have a specific theme, care about SEO, and want to drive more followers to your boards, then you need to pick suitable names for your boards as they constitute the url and the meta title of your board. That’s why Pinterest board names are important. You may call this Pinterest optimization. Let’s say you are targeting “home designs” then you had better put this slug into your board name. So you may call your board “Best home designs” or “Wood home designs”, etc.

Pinterest Board Ideas for Businesses

Before you begin to create new boards on Pinterest, it’s smart to consider what types of boards would serve you best given your overall Pinterest marketing goals. There are eight ideas to consider when building your business boards. These are;

1. Topics that interest to your target audience
2. Educational value
3. Feedback for your business
4. Upcoming events
5. New products or services
6. Showcase your company culture and employees
7. Provide social proof
8. Discussion groups

To explore them read:

Example: Pinterest Bulletin Board Ideas

Check out these boards:

Pinterest Board Names List

SeoSandwich compiled a list of interesting Pinterest board names. Some of them are shared below:

Inspirations Arch Things
Architecture and Interior Designs
Buildings Signage Interiors
Prefab Architecture
Buildings We Admire
Churches Cathedrals and Churchyards
Street Art a Public Board
My Love for All Things Art
Art I Love
Cool Technology Gadgets

If you also ask what is wrong with Pinterest, watch this video:

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