Pinterest Crafts for Easter

Do you want to get crafty this Easter? Are you looking for easy Easter crafts for kids to make? Then keep reading… I hope you will enjoy these ideas and find a lot of Pinterest crafts for Easter you like to make.

First of, although Easter has become associated with eggs and rabbits, it is the oldest Christian holiday. It is known to be the most important Christian holiday, because Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ three days after his death.

Easter also marks the end of Lent, which begins the day after Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday). The week before Easter is called Holy Week and it includes several important days, including: Maundy Thursday (honoring Jesus’ last supper with his disciples), Good Friday (the day of his crucifixion), and Holy Saturday (commemorates the time between the crucifixion and resurrection).


Easter Arts Crafts

If you’re looking for last-minute craft ideas that won’t set you back financially (or are too convoluted to make), then we’ve created a list of 3 easy crafts. Each craft requires a few items and are cost-efficient as well.

1. Painting Eggs: Easter egg crafts for kids may be the first craft idea that comes to mind for Easter. Paints and eggs are, without a doubt, the easiest way to keep people busy. If you need some decor, then paint eggs as an activity and then place the painted eggs on a platter. Also: How To Color Easter Eggs At Home: See Our Easy Shaving Cream And Kool-Aid Tutorials!

2. Coloring Pages: Print out coloring pages — Crayola has some great ones — and purchase crayons or colored pencils. This will keep children busy for quite some time and you can even make a competition out of it.

3. Felt Bunny Ears (cool easter crafts for kids): This DIY craft is super easy, requires a few items, and is absolutely adorable for all ages. Martha Stewart’s step-by-step tutorial is ideal for a last-minute craft idea. While you can make them in advance, it’s a great DIY craft for other people, as it will kill time.

Easter Basket Craft Ideas


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