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Wouldn’t you want to finish your meal on a sweet note with a great selection of desserts. Pinterest dessert recipes are very popular nowadays. They include cheesecake, tarts, chocolate cake, pudding, ice-cream, sorbet and so much more…

It takes some effort to make delicious and healthy desserts but is very worth it. Most recipes are quite easy and fun. So, here is a list of fun and healthy (?) dessert recipes that I brought together.

pinterest dessert recipes


1. Cheesecake

Recipes vary, but the key ingredient to this dessert is, not surprisingly, cheese. The most common cheeses in the modern version of cheesecake are cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta and Neufchatel. The New York version that’s become so famous uses cream cheese along with eggs, cream, sugar and usually a graham cracker crust. While there are a seemingly unlimited number of variations on this classic, New York style cheesecake is served plain with no other ingredients or toppings. Other types of cheesecake are topped with or otherwise contain fruits, cookies, peanut butter and pretty much any other decadent ingredient you can think of.

2. Cupcakes

People looking for a dessert fix but who wish to avoid the temptation of an entire cake need look no further than their local cupcake shop. Such an establishment shouldn’t be terribly difficult to find since they’ve exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks to America’s love affair with the individually-sized dessert.

3. Jell-O

There’s always room for Jell-O. At least that’s what the dessert’s famous ad slogan says. Jell-O is actually a brand name, but it’s has become synonymous with any kind of gelatin dessert. It’s called “America’s Most Famous Dessert” and there’s an undeniably fun appeal to the jiggling. It’s easy to make and there’s virtually no cleanup required. All you have to do is add boiling water to the powdered mix and chill for a few hours. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with moms around the country.

4. Carrot Cake

Ah, carrot cake. Not only is it equal parts creamy and delicious, it’s also quite possibly the best dessert to choose when you want to fool yourself into thinking you’re being healthy. Carrots are good for you, so carrot cake can’t be too bad, right? Well, not so much.

5. Apple Pie

Nothing says America like baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. But apple pie wasn’t born in the United States. Apple pies or tarts date all the way back to Europe in the 14th century. The first apple pie recipes are from 1390, and they used honey in place of the seldom-used sugar. In the 1700s, the pie became pretty popular in the United Kingdom and was brought over to the new American colonies. Apple pie was regularly found in American cookbooks in the 18th century, but the famous ala mode version, topped with vanilla ice cream, didn’t come into fashion until the 19th century in New York.

6. Ice Cream

The birthplace of ice cream isn’t certain, but food historians generally credit it to the Chinese and the flavored ices they enjoyed as far back as 3000 B.C. Marco Polo is believed to be the man responsible for bringing the idea to Italy, where the modern ice cream we enjoy today was born in the 17th century. The first ice cream recipe in the United States is thought to be from the 1792 cookbook “The New Art of Cookery, According to the Present Practice.”

7. Brownies

Served piping hot or at room temperature, made from scratch or from a mix, brownies are quite possibly one of the most versatile desserts out there, provided you enjoy a significant dose of chocolate. Some brownie connoisseurs prefer their creations to be more cake like, whereas others enjoy a fudgier, moister consistency. In general, how your brownies turnout is influenced by the amount of eggs and fat (found in butter or cooking oil) used in the recipe, as well as how long you bake them for.

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

For cookie lovers, rarely is there a recipe more beloved than the classic chocolate chip variety. The mixture of cookie and those delicious semi-sweet chocolate morsels is indescribably good. Served fresh out of the oven or completely cooled, chocolate chip cookies are a treat that’s just sweet enough without overdoing it in terms of richness. If you enjoy a little extra texture and contrast, simply serve your cookies with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream, or try topping your creations with chocolate icing.

9. Chocolate Cake

It’s believed that the first chocolate cake was baked in 1674 as a vehicle to enjoy chocolate, a new delicacy at the time. While it’s extremely popular in the United States thanks to its inclusion at birthday parties, it’s also considered the most liked cake in the entire world. When most people hear the words German chocolate cake, two things happen — their mouths water and they thank Germany for its contribution to the dessert cart. What many people may not know is that German chocolate cake has nothing to do with the European country. Its named comes from the inventor of the recipe, a Texan named Sam German. He concocted the famous dessert in the late 1800s, but it didn’t explode in popularity until the 1950s.

10. Fudge

The only problem with fudge is that it’s nearly impossible to eat just a square or two. In the world of fudge, there’s a flavor for everyone. Traditionalists can stick with the white, milk or dark chocolate versions, while nut enthusiasts might opt to choose a recipe that incorporates walnuts or macadamia nuts for a little extra crunch.

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