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Garden crafts are an inexpensive and green way to decorate your home with beautiful plant stands garden trellises shelves flower pots planters birdbaths sculptures stone work step stones ornaments. You can make reasonably priced and wonderful garden crafts for your front steps patio balcony porch or deck with the ideas youll find in this lens.
Its easy and fun to decorate your homes out of doors living areas with backyard crafts. Natural and recycled materials can be madeinto stage stones planters mosaics wind chimes furniture and backyard decorations. House decor you make yourself brings beauty and ambiance to your property at low cost and helps the planet.
You can make attractive creative and cheap decorative garden crafts from simple materials like concrete wood stones and reclaimed materials or recycled metal wood and glass. This lens will show you how to turn old furniture tools and recycled house parts or cast off toys and natural materials into unique backyard art for your house or to give as gifts.
Sticks and stones and bits of old stuff make lovely backyard decor – all you need is a bit of imagination-. Pinterest diy crafts – Sand Cast Concrete Garden Decorations Make unique low cost backyard decorations
Its easy and economical to craft attractive garden sculptures birdbaths and planters for your garden. All you need are some prepackaged vinyl concrete mix from the household supply center.
Mix the concrete powder with water add colorant if desired then pat the mixture into any mold or form you desire. After the concrete dries you can leave the finish natural seal it to resist water and add gloss or add color with acrylic paints.
I made a large lightweight leaf-embossed birdbath for my garden a few summers ago. Last year I made 6 more sand cast leaf birdbaths to give to friends and family as Christmas gifts.
Garden Pavers – Step Stones Small pavers to form a pathway through your backyard
Step stone pavers are practical method to add a bit of natural charm to any garden. You can create pathways with stepping stones made from flat pieces of slate or bluestone rocks wooden rounds bricks or concrete pavers.
You can make your own stepping stones from sand cast concrete and adorn them with stamped patterns or add small stones shells marbles or mosaic pieces to create design patterns. If you have access to a large supply of flat stones you can even create a natural stone patio or stone surface design in a corner of your backyard.
I made a small garden stepping stone by embedding small stones shaped like Vermont and New Hampshire into a freeform slab of tinted concrete patch mix.
Embossed Concrete – Add Punchy Designs to Your Patio or Walkway
Stamped concrete patterns are more interesting than a flat surface for your patio or walkway. You can make your own stamping tools to apply patterns to fresh concrete or you can buy ready-to-use concrete stamping tools. Better yet get creative and press interesting leaves onto a wet concrete surface to create unique and lovely designs.
Our backyard cabana needed a new concrete surface for our wedding. We mixed the top bonding concrete and spread it out then pressed ferns and leaves from our garden plants into the wet concrete to make a pattern all over the surface. Remove the leaves as soon as you make the embossed design.
Hypertufa Stone Planters and Backyard Crafts Kick your concrete backyard crafts up a notch – make Hypertufa planters

Hypertufa is a backyard craft concrete mixture used to create objects that look like rustic stones or volcanic rock
The basic ingredients include Portland cement peat moss sand vermiculite or perlite and water. You can simplify the recipe mixture by using premixed patching concrete sand mix combined with peat moss and perlite or vermiculite.
Hypertufa planting containers are weatherproof and very durable. You can use hypertufa pottery mix to craft many different formal or free form shaped and molded garden crafts and decorations- stepping stones sculptures pots or decorative artificial boulders.
For our backyard wedding we used hypertufa to create unique centerpieces for each guest table under the tent. First we shaped a piece of 1-inch builders rigid foam insulation board into a kidney shape about 12 inches long by 8 inches wide. Next we attached a square of floral oasis to one end and dovered it with the hypertufa mix to create a mountain planter area on the island. We added a hypertufa mound to the foam base at one end and covered all the but top of the oasis block with hypertufa mix.
At the approximate center we positioned a 6-inch tall tin candle lantern. Next we embedded shells driftwood small stones and bits of greenery into the edges and flat areas of the island terrain. When the hypertufa was dry we moistened the oasis and added greens and fresh flowers. During our wedding reception the candle lantern held a natural citronella tea light.
Stone Operate – Sculptural Arrangements Stacks of stones rocks and pebbles make gorgeous garden sculptures
Human beings have arranged stones in sculptural patterns for communication worship building and decoration for thousands of years.
You can create interesting rustic backyard sculptures using stacks of stones stone walls in large or small arrangements or create artistic stacks and patterns with spectacular rocks of all sizes and shapes.
If you have access to many irregularly shaped stones use your imagination to find a natural sculpture like the rabbit rock in the photo for this section shown larger below.
Flower Pot Bird Bath Make a Clay Birdbath or Butterfly Sipper in 5 minutes.
Make a low-profile lightweight bird bath for your balcony deck backyard or porch. All you need are a large clay flower pot and an oversize clay plant drain saucer. Turn the flower pot upside down and place the drain saucer on top.
Fill the saucer halfway with water add a small rock and watch the birds and butterflies enjoy their tiny swimming pool.
Beautify Your Garden with Found Objects
Old furniture tools boxes and baskets can bring whimsy and artful rustic decor to your garden.
Recycle wooden ladders carts or wagons watering cans spoked wheels barrels and boxes. Paint old chairs or tools and place in a flower bed.
Paint an old bicycle in a color to coordinate with your home. Add a big basket to the handlebars and plant it with cascading flowers. Place this DIY backyard sculpture near your front door in the backyard or at the base of your porch steps.
Natural Elements Add Visual Interest to Your Garden
Use interesting branches vines and logs as a trellis frame or display foundation for plants or vines in the backyard on the deck or in a corner of your porch.
Find a gnarled deadwood branch twist some decorative mini lights around it and hang it from the porch rafters or stand it in a corner.
Wind Chimes and Garden Mobiles

Wind chimes and backyard mobiles add beauty to the outside residing areas visually with the added benefit of making sounds or colorful movement when breezes blow.
Craft a simple beach-theme mobilewind chime from 8-10 sea shells fishing line or nautical twin and an interesting tree branch or piece of driftwood.
Garden Flags and Porch Banners Wind Socks Streamers Kites and More…

Flags banners kites and fabric decorations add colorful decoration that you can change easily with the season. I bought a 5-foot long carp wind sock kite as a souvenir on a trip to Tokyo. Its now a wonderful backyard banner decorating our backyard cabana all summer long.
Easy Backyard Flags If you can sew a straight line you can make a simple banner or flag from a favorite fabric panel. Cut the banner to the size you want stitch hems around the edges and add a pole pocket to one end. Run a curtain rod or dowel through the pocket and suspend your banner from a porch rafter or against a wall.
Batik-look Banner My daughter made a gorgeous garden flag to hang from her deck railing. First she stitched up a basic flag with pole pocket from a deep-toned cotton fabric. Next she sketched a design with chalk starting from the center. Finally wearing gloves and working outdoors in a well-ventilated area she traced over the chalk lines with a bleach pen the kind you use for removing stains from clothing when youre on the go. After a quick rinse in cool water she hung her custom flag to dry from its pole.
Angel Blessings – Gardeners Delight Thank you Squid Angels
This garden decor and garden crafts lens has been blessed by these backyard loving Squid Angels-
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