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Womans Gymnastic has amazed enthusiast through out the decades. Olympics of course has a special place for me. Nowadays, Pinterest Olympics Rio is my favorite search on internet. Lots of pictures for my scrap album…First, I have a story about this.

I think back as a little girl my first experience with gymnastics was when I was 5 years old and my mom showed me how to do a front flip. I didnt really need to realize this for gymnastics but for baton twirling. That initial handspring was the start of my most favourite sport whilst developing up. I used to be really privileged I started my enthusiasm for gymnastics from the very last part of the 60s early 70s. I was eight several years old when I primary saw Cathy Rigby contend she stole the hearts of quite a few youthful girls and many gymnast fanatic. She was awesome to look at. She delivered anything exclusive to ladies gymnastics.

I had a scrap album commencing at that era. Id personally get gymnastic pics from any newpaper that I could located them and pasted them in my ebook. These days is easy mainly because it is possible to find a lot of gymnastics clipart using the web.

pinterest olympics rio scrapbook


The 70s was a very wonderful decade for gymnastics. During the 1972 Olympics we ended up launched to Russian gymnast Olga Korbut. She was interesting. She had a contagious smile plus a little quite twistable system. Her flexibility gave her edge within the beam and floor work out. She understood methods to operate the viewers with her gymnastics. I used to be 12 decades outdated and that was the first time I had observed anyone kick their foot up and attain the back of their head. A trick I gradually discovered. You may research gymnastics clipart for Olga Korbut also via the internet.

Nadia Comaneci graced us through the 76 Olympics. Nadia was from Romania. She was 14 a long time aged when she did gymnastics in summer months Olympics in Montreal. I keep in mind seeing her. I used to be 13 with the time and I used to be in appreciate. My scrap album was obtaining a lot of as a lot of images as I could get. They had been created in newpapers and teen guides. Gymnastics clipart is at our disposal with todays on-line. Its so straightforward to kind in the name and it pulls up the gymnast that you happen to be studying for.

Today – Pinterest Olympics Party

The 2016 Olympics have officially kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Friday’s Opening Ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium was full of memorable moments. From intricate light shows to oiled-up bodies, we’re breaking down the best, worst and weirdest moments from the live presentation.

The Best Picture of the Rio Olympics Party

pinterest olympics rio best

Others? Brazil’s Light Show, The Olympic Rings Go Green, Ode to Parkour, Oiled-Up Tonga Flag Bearer, Gisele Partying, The Independent Olympic Athletes were the best of Rio Opening Ceremony ari all good for old time scrap-booking.

The Worst of the Rio Olympics

The moment we were all waiting for, seeing the most decorated Olympian (Phelps) of all time sporting a Team USA illuminated Ralph Lauren flag bearer jacket, was lackluster. (credit:

worst picture of rio olympics

Weird Pictures and Details of Rio Olympics Ceremony

What a strange post for Rio Olympics on Pinterest…

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