Pinterest Teacher Ideas

Let’s say you are a school teacher… And you want to make use of Pinterest. You can apply the following guidelines.


Pinterest Teacher Ideas:

1. You can pin things that your kindergarteners bring in for Show-and-Tell.

2. You can pin your students science fair projects.

3. You can pin masterpieces from the budding artists in your arts classes.

4. You can pin useful school-supplies you need with links to Amazon product pages that parents can buy for the school.

5. You can pin book covers of books on your school librararians wish list.

6. Better yet, book covers of books your 5th graders have done book reports on. If you are able to get parental permission to post their work, post the reports on your blog and link the pins to the related reports.

7. You can have each homeroom teacher set up a Board with fun pins from their class and share the Boards by email with parents so they can follow along and repin they are proud of and want to share with their child’s family and friends. Be prepared to field some teacher questions.

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