River of Five Colors

Combining prehistoric black rocks, vivid yellow sand, green moss, pure blue water, and seasonal red algae, this river — which is known for its kaleidoscope of colors — is as stunning as it is mysterious. Known as the “River of Five Colors,” the gorgeous attraction lures in hundreds of locals and tourists in Colombia each year. Those who happen upon it at its most vibrant say that it’s an unforgettable phenomenon to witness.

During Certain Seasons, This River Transforms Into A Kaleidoscope Of Colors

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A rare, breathtaking rainbow river, the only one of its kind on Earth! More stunning products of Mother Nature on the season finale of Strangest Weather on Earth tonight!

Posted by The Weather Channel Originals on Sunday, November 1, 2015

This is certainly one of the most interesting spectacles in the world. So many natural wonders are lost at the hands of human intervention, so the remoteness of this river probably works in its favor. If any of us do decide to take in the beauty of the River of Five Colors, let’s do so with the admiration and respect that it deserves.

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