How to setup a Pinterest Account

Starting from August 2012, Pinterest finished its beta process and open its doors to everybody. So in order to setup a Pinterest account, you don’t need to either request an account through Pinterest itself or have a registered friend send you an invite to Pinterest.  At this time, you can gain access to Pinterest with a Facebook or Twitter account. You will need to go to the Pinterest homepage and use your Facebook or Twitter credentials to register.  Once you are logged into the main page, you may be asked to find some interests to follow. The categories range from art to products and many more, there is no limit to the number of categories that you can follow.

Here is a video about how to create a Pinterest account using Facebook..

Changing Your Pinterest Account Preferences

Any time that you feel like changing your account settings, you can do so by going to your profile at the top right side of the toolbar. You will find the settings button with which you can make necessary changes to your profile. Besides the settings button, you will also find other options like invite friends, find friends, boards, pins and others. You can use these tools to interact with other Pinners.

Some actions are irreversible, like deactivating your account.  It’s not like setting off a nuclear bomb, but the warning makes it feel like it is though. It intends to make you think twice, or lots of times really, in your idea of leaving Pinterest. It lists other possible options you can choose from to encourage you to stay at Pinterest.

Now, the fun part is not deactivating the cool account.  You can change your email address to a less formal one, for example, you can drop off the company email with a personal one. On the email settings tab, you can easily customize a ton of options from likes to group pins. Once you finished tweaking your account, hit the save settings to save your account preferences.

Going back again to the main setting screen from the notification section, you can easily change your name from Joe to Super Joe. The last name can be changed as well, in case of the occasional spelling error. The about section is your fame frame, it’s a permanent fixture about you. However, you can always change it to suit your needs or style.  You can add your personal or company’s website in the URL box after the location box.


Say cheese, add an image for the world to see or leave it blank. You can either have your Pinterest linked to Twitter or Facebook. You may also opt to interact with the world by turning on the visibility button or you may choose to turn it off and have your Pinterest account visible only to you.

Here are some resources that you can find useful while setting up your Pinterest account.

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