Sharpie Craft

In this post, I tried to choose the best sharpie craft for DIY fans.

I’ve to admit that I definitely love sharpies! They’ve been among my preferred artwork and making materials since they’re so flexible and simple to use. Like a child I love Sharpie guns for my tasks since they’re lasting – no switching back once you’ve began! They’re available nowadays in handy 12-packages to help you get all your favorite colors at the same time. Here is the sharpie crafts collection that I choose.

1. Sharpie Candles

I couldn’t wait to put my new supplies to use, and I needed to make a quick homemade gift for a friend, so I whipped up this super cute Sharpie decorated candle. The best part is that it only took about 15 minutes! For detailed information click on the image.

sharpie candle


2. Decorated Gift Wrap

As a victim of receiving unappealing gift-wrap, (ie: a brown paper bag with “Happy Birthday” written boldly in green Sharpie over the grocery store name) I fully believe in this concept. You should always take pride in anything and everything that you associate yourself with and put your name on. “Lazy” gift wrapping doesn’t send the message you want (unless you plan to leave it on someone’s front door step in flames – wink, wink) nor does it reflect positively on you, the gifter! Something like grocer gift-wrap tells me, you either A) Forgot B) Did this in the car C) Don’t care all too much about me or D) All of the above. It may seem to be asking a lot but it really isn’t difficult to put a little creativity, personality, at least some ♥ into wrapping a present!

sharpie gift wrap

3. Tie Dye Effect Pillows

How pretty are these pillows? Grab your colorful sharpie markers and doodle away on a canvas pillow cover. Then use plain old rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to create this watercolor-like effect. Let these watercolor inspired pillows from Deny Designs inspire you.

4. Silver Sharpie Pencil Cup

Here is a pencil cup idea made up of oil-based Sharpies.

sharpie pencil cup

5. Leopard Print Seat Cover

A super cheap Ikea chair + Sharpie = an awesome leopard-print seat.

I just love my prints, so you can imagine how my heart jumped when I saw this adorable spotted chair. This sharpie craft can be done to any cloth covered chair.

sharpie leopard seat

6. Sharpie Decorated Ornaments

Most likely, you have had your tree up and decorated for some time now, right? Yeah, me too.. but I had an idea after throwing a Sharpie DIY holiday party with some co-workers, where we customized and designed holiday gift wrap, cards, boxes, ornaments and more. Ornaments, being the biggest hit, got me thinking that this would make for a fun activity to do with friends and family on a day like Christmas!

7. White Sharpie Lamp

Brighten a basic colored lamp base with delicate doodles. A white Sharpie oil paint marker is the perfect tool to put your sketches in the spotlight. Draw simple spirals and interlocking paisley or flower patterns for an intricate look. Start at the top and work your way down for best results.

8. DIY Sharpie Sneakers

By the help of sharpies, you can easily tansform your boring white canvas shoes by coloring in sections or drawing a fun oxford pattern.

9. The Sharpie Personalized Mug

After seeing several projects floating around on Pinterest I decided to try the sharpie method for customizing a pair of his + her mugs (this set is super cute + this one is particularly beautiful). The directions listed on Pinterest kinda seemed too easy to be true… so I did a little testing. I even tried running them through the dishwasher and here’s what I found out…

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