Skiing And Snowboarding Fails on Pinterest

It is wrong to laugh at Skiing and Snowboarding Fails on Pinterest, but they are so funny.

It’s incredibly hard to master the art of skiing or snowboarding. I think everyone knows that. If you’ve ever given it a try, you know just how complicated it is. It looks simple and smooth, but the learning curve is brutal.

snowboard fail

Ski Lift Fails

Before skiing down a slope, you must first make your way up it. For novice skiers and snowboarders, one of the hardest skills to master is keeping your balance – and dignity – on a ski lift. With wobbly legs, the simple sequence of standing, sitting and gliding away can be more difficult than it looks.

A humorous compilation from a less regulated time – it’s worth looking at some of the classic outfits featured. (source:

Epic Ski Fails

Which one do you like the best? Water Ski Fails or Ski Fails? Latter one of course… Here is the best compilation of the best epic ski fails…

Epic Snowboard Fails

A compilation of stacks from the epic snowboard movie Frosted Flakes.

Funny Snowboarding

Want to see some funny videos of what can happen while snowboarding?

funny snowboarding

Ski Fails Gif


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Snow Fails

Snow is lovely, white, sparkly, and can really put you in the holiday spirit. Until it’s too cold, hard, dirty, and just gross.

Before you put on your winter boots, remember that ice crystals falling from the sky can accumulate into some pretty epic fails, and provide a few solid reasons to hate winter. (Check out these funny GIFs at

snow fails

Ski Fails 2015

If you think that skiing and snowboarding are easy activities, I think you should ask these people just how “simple” they are. Their failures are absolutely amazing.

Those are some nasty falls, and I hope everyone in that video is okay. If you do want to film your foray into extreme sports, maybe wait until you master them, okay?

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