Tech Accounts to Follow on Pinterest

Some of the most popular postings on this board are the ones in which we list Celebrities on Pinterest, Businesses on Pinterest, or People with the most followers on Pinterest. Given that the people seem to like these lists here is a new one. The list for this post is to provide some great tech accounts to follow to get some great Tech information.

tech accounts on pinterest

The boards from this list include technology leaders from Adobe, GE, PCMag and others who provide tips, products, and general tech information. As with the other lists that we have publish on the website there is this disclaimer. At least right now there is not a verification process for celebrities or business like there is on Twitter. We are confident that these boards are being published by who is listed as the publisher but just in case you have been warned.

Great Tech Boards on Pinterest

Jane Wang

With nearly three million followers Jane Wang has published eighty four boards with sixteen thousand pins. What you might not know is the she is the mother of the co-founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann.

AMD Technology

AMD is using Pinterest to feature their best technology with information about where you can get it as well.

U.S. Army Technology

Aside from their work defending our country the United States Army is also a great accumulator of technology. One of the pins we noted was the Kevlar Underpants.

Badass Machines by GE

Machines developed and built by GE that power the world. Heard of centrifugal compressors or photovoltaic panels? Go find out about them on GE’s tech board.

GOOD Infographics

Everyone has seen those long sometimes entertaining or informing infographics all over the internet. In particular on Pinterest there are many long info graphics. This board by GOOD has posted a number of very efficient graphics on this board.

Jim Fisher Camera Gear

If you are into photography you may have run into PCMag’s digital camera analyst. Here is a board that Jim uses to share great camera gear information.

Adobe Web

If you are a graphic or web designer make sure to follow this board by Adobe. Adobe pins some of the best website layouts and designs out there.

Retro Tech from Sony

People of a certain age might remember the Sony Walkman. For it’s time the Walkman was a huge step forward in technology. Follow this board to be reminded of other great retro technology.

Jeremy Penner Speakers and Audio

Love great sound and attractive technology. Follow this board for speakers, headphones, iPod docks and much more.

PCMag How to and Tips

On this board you can find tips for increasing battery life, disabling lost phones, and maybe you can find the best streaming music for you.

Just like on other posts you can read on this website we are excited to get your feedback. If you know about other great boards on Pinterest that are sharing great technology information please share with everyone below in the comments section.

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