Things to Make with Duct Tape

By many crafters, duct tape is said to be the best invention made by man. It is so strong and durable that you can easily make lots of innovative crafts. If you are wondering the extend of things to make with duct tape, this guide is the place to find the best duct tape uses.

things to make with duct tape

Popular Things to Make with Duct Tape List

1. Wallets

The irony of a wallet is spending money on something to hold the money you now don’t have, because you spent the money on a wallet. Too avoid this paradoxical nightmare you can make your own. Here’s how to do it!

2. Friendship Bracelets

Show your friends how much you love them without spending a penny. Instructions here.

3. Belts

Never be caught with your pants on display again. Learn how here.

4. Washing bags

It’s a universal law that washing bags will always get holes in. Instead of wasting your money on them, make your own! Here’s how to make them, plus a dozen other duct tape bags!

5. Bow ties

Somebody may have once mentioned these being cool. If you’re with them, here’s how to make a duct tape bow tie.

6. Hats

It’s hard to look fancy on a budget, but with this duct tap top hat you’re half way there. Fancy yourself a budget milliner? Try your hand.

7. Flowers

Use your artistic skills to brighten up your room, or impress your lady. Here’s not one, but three ways to make ’em!

For all of the ideas in this list, you can use colorful duct tape sheets. They are ideal for crafting, decorating, scrap-booking and making shapes and letters. Easy to cut, easy to peel and no glue needed. Permanent adhesion… New Duck® Brand Duct Tape Sheets are colorful and easy-to-use, with endless uses for your everyday needs. Each permanent adhesive sheet is 8.25″ x 10″.

Instructions video:

Things to make with duct tape for beginners…

I found a list of ideas for duct tape beginners at Here it is:

  1. Duct tape your annoying brother/sister’s mouth shut!!!!!
  2. Make a fancy necktie! Yeeaaah
  3. How about a dress?
  4. And a tux!!!
  5. Every duct tape tux needs a duck tape bowtie
  6. Make a wallet!
  7. Along with monaaaay (Money, with alotta e’s)
  8. And a sword….MWAHAHAHA!
  9. A shield
  10. A bracelet, the classic 🙂
  11. OH! OH! And a laptop case!
  12. A backpack!
  13. A purse!
  14. A phone case!
  15. PANTS!
  16. Shoes!
  17. To tie your enemy and a hobo together >:]
  18. To make a handy-dandy hat!
  19. A watch that is stuck at one time 24/7
  20. Poke a hole in something then put duct tape over the hole to show off how good at fixing things you are 😛
  21. Decorate a pen!
  22. Decorate a piece of paper!
  23. Tape things to you so you don’t have to worry about losing them :3
  24. If you find a bug, duct tape it down to wherever it is so you don’t have to worry about killing it 😀
  25. BAND-AID!
  26. Make a figure-thing out of it and sell it overpricedly!
  27. Duct tape a bald guy’s head so he doesn’t get sunburnt
  28. A FREE VACUUM CLEANER! Tape your foot (sticky-side on the outside), and then walk around! You’re Mom will be so proud…
  30. Wrapping paper :O
  31. Make a folder!
  32. Make a mummy costume for Halloween 🙂
  33. Chop it up and make confetti for a party!
  34. Pencil case!
  35. Make a binder pretty-fied 🙂
  36. Or you could just always fix a binder up
  37. Same with a folder
  38. Gift bag!
  39. A tag for a suitcase!
  40. A blindfold!
  41. And a superhero mask!
  42. Better yet, superhero tights!
  43. Give your dog a little tingle for their collar 😀
  44. Hammock!
  45. Princess crown
  46. iPod case!
  47. A mustache to remain anonymous
  48. A BEARD to remain anonymous
  49. Pillow case!
  50. Complete with a duct tape stuffed animal
  51. Sleepin mask
  52. A suit for a pet!
  54. To get that darn glitter off the carpet
  55. An umbrella! (The top part)
  56. Popcorn bag!
  58. A bow
  59. Football….
  60. Soccer ball…
  61. Baseball…
  62. Volleyball, etc…
  63. Sunglasses
  65. Book sock
  66. Belt
  67. Picnic blanket!
  68. An ocean of hopeless nicknacks!
  69. Cup holder!
  70. Apron!
  71. Rose!
  72. Or pretty much any flower
  73. Stocking (Fireplace? Christmas?)
  74. Blanket
  75. Jazz up a notebook
  76. Or a sketchbook
  77. Make a door sign for your room
  79. Socks!
  80. VISOR!!
  81. Headband
  82. Pencil grip! -hadley
  83. Pants for a stuffed animal
  84. A BOAT!
  85. Make it gloooooow
  86. Skis!
  87. A picture frame
  88. A house for bugs!
  89. Duct tape pictures!
  90. A kite
  91. Bumper sticker!
  92. Boooooooooomering
  93. Prettyful angel wings 😀
  94. Stick it to an invisible friend so you won’t lose them 😛
  95. Kilt
  96. Soda can
  97. Camera case
  98. A rocket
  99. A PERSON! A.K.A. Your new best friend 🙂
  100. Make a duct tape TOP hat!
  101. Write a list of 101 Things to Do With Duct Tape on the duct tape 😀

I hope you liked the ideas and hope the list will inspire you…

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